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volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. major storms approach the bay area, and residents prepare. >> a little bit of prevention goes a long way. >> heavy rain, high wind, and even thunderstorms. >> we've already had flooding in our backyard. >> team coverage as we track the storm. and the first of several storms due to come
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ashore before daylight on wednesday morning. i'm here in the weather center with jacqueline. and the entire bay area is going to feel this. >> we can expect a lot of rain, gusty wind, thunderstorms, the whole gamut. >> okay. >> and it's only going to be the first in a series of systems to impact us through the rest of the week and the weekend. satellite and radar picture, rain approaching as we speak. this is the merging of two systems. you can see a very well-defined system right offshore. but there is another one well to the north, the tailend of it extending all the way offshore. this was a fragment of the first system and you can see now that it is merging with the second one. this second wave of vain going to be the heavy -- of rain is going to be the heavy one. we're also seeing very strong wind, up to 70 miles an hour tomorrow! and we'll also have
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thunderstorms embedded in this band of rain. we're going to time this out, look at rainfall totals, and the winds in a bit. marin is expected to get a full dorse of the storm -- dose of the storm. preparations were underway earlier today for the approach of the storm. >> reporter: it floods here pretty much every time it rains. people around here have been getting ready for the storm, but they had some company today from tg& -- pg&e. arborists were on duty clearing extra branches off of power lines and identifying trees that might give them trouble when the storm comes through. they have extra crews on standby and have told their workers to be ready for problems that come along with a storm system like the one heading our way. >> here in marin county, we do
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expect to see some outages. a lot of these trees still have leaves on them. when that wind really kicks up and the leaves are still on there, it acts like sails. it could bring even healthy trees down. luckily we don't have the soil saturation yet, but we expect to have that toward the end of the week. so this series of storms are going to require both us and everyone else out there, commuters and residents to be on guard against storm-related activity. >> reporter: and they say they're going to do what they can to maintain power in this area. but if you do come across a power line that's on the ground, step away from it and call for help. preparations are underway in the santa cruz mountains and sections of the santa clara valley. crews are beefing up their work there in anticipation of downed trees and power lines.
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we talked with a chp officer who gave us some timely advice. >> slowing down, making sure you leave a space cushion between yourself and the vehicles in front of you. watching for debris in the roadway. some flooding the first big rain of the season, there'll be some debris in the storm drains. >> sand bags and plastic sheing are being used to -- sheeting are being used to shore up the existing sites of slides. and alicia reed has details on where people can pick up free sand bags. >> reporter: the sandbags behind me are free, here to help people living in low-lying areas once the storm hits. about 6,500 of these bags are stockpiled and ready to be distributed to families that need them. they were only available to san francisco residents, and people were here with their ids in hand.
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some asked for empty bags so they could go to the beach and load up on some more sand. >> we need it. we've already had flooding in our backyard. >> reporter: when coming to pick up sandbags here at the department of public works operations yard, have your san francisco id ready. each household is allowed a maximum of 10 sandbags. people in one san pablo neighborhood are hoping for the best, but they are bracing for the worst tonight. this is video of what a previous heavy storm did there. it caused flooding and a landslide, damaging a number of homes in the process. jr stone went back to that same area today to see how people are getting ready this time around. >> reporter: this san pablo hillside is covered with a plastic tarp. unfortunately, heavy rain is expected in less than 12 hours and that tarp is full of holes! >> i'm scared. i'm hoping the
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hill doesn't move again. it hasn't moved so far, but this is the first arrive rain. >> reporter: he has a house at the bottom of this hill. these sandbags are for his brother's home nearby. using sandbags here would be too little too late since the hill has already hit the back of the house. but he will be keeping an eye on wednesday's storm. >> i'll be back up here first thing in the morning to open up the house and everything, and looking in to see if there's any movement. >> reporter: last year when this hill slid, i was on the side of it looking down. tuesday i was on the bottom of it, and it's clear that not a whole heck of a lot has been done here. one house has been red-tagged, two yellow-tagged. drainage pipes make it appear that maybe the express rainwater will be drained. until the rain comes, it's unclear if that will happen! >> it's one of the things about living in these houses, the rain, it's a nice relaxing feeling, but now every time you see the rainstorm come, you get
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kind of spooked. >> reporter: i talked with city officials and asked them have you done anything to prepare this hill for heavy rains? they only told me if there's an emergency in this area tomorrow or in the coming days they will be there to respond. reporting in san pablo, jr stone, kron4 news. aside from the problems it can cause, the rain is welcome and perhaps a bit overdue in the southbay in particular. in the foothills of the santa cruz mountains, it is just 13% of cast right now, and entirely -- capacity right now, and entirely it dependent on the runoff from rainfall. earlier storms all by bypassed san jose, and water officials are hoping to catch up in the stormy days ahead. stay with us as we continue to track the approaching storm. you can
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also stay updated on our website,, along with our facebook and twitter pages. and more coverage later in this newscast and on the morning news at 4:00 am. there was another shooting in east palo alto this afternoon. it happened near a school. in fact, so far there have been more than a dozen gang-related shootings in east palo alto and menloe park since june. reggie kumar tells us the police cheefrs in those cities have had -- chiefs in those cities have had enough of the violence. >> reporter: this is video of law enforcement moving in to arrest a well-known taliban gang member three years ago. arrests like this could soon start again now that east palo alto, menloe park, and palo alto police forces have joined forces, known as separation s. m. a. r. t. the goal is to stop the escalating
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gang violence between taliban gang members and deville gang members, both of which live here. authorities sap the gangs have been -- say the gangs have been feuding for decades, but they don't know why the two violent groups are going at it this time. >> there's been at least 15 since june, shootings. drive-byes where nobody was struck to homicides. we have had four this past month. >> shootings? >> shootings. s. one resulting in a homicide. we don't have the resources to deal with it all on our own, so relying each other for help, narcotics enforcement, we're combining our teams! >> there are no jurisdictional boundary when is it comes to gang activity and violence. >> reporter: the police chief's department will mainly help with extra personnel and resources.
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in menloe park, reggie kumar. later in this broadcast, a group of lonely raider fans want dennis allen to leave now. also bad news for the 49ers. bad news for the warriors. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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three bay area residents are dead this evening, a fourth in the hospital after a head-on crash on a central california highway. it happened this morning on highway 152 in madera county. a 48-year-old man from san leandro who was driving a volvo pulling a container trailer swerved to try and avoid an overturned big rig and collided head-on with a honda. serious rain in the forecast as we head into tomorrow, and also through the rest of the week. i'll tell you what you can expect for your morning commute and how much
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rain we're going to see by week's end.
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i was unable to find one charitable organization that has benefited from these unmanned donation boxes that are popping up around the bay. despite the fact that some are claiming these bins help local bay area charities. >> the guy came to me and said
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they had these bins to put on my property. basically if i was interested, and they were offering $0.05 a pound for whatever the garments were. they said that they shared with the salvation army and good will, and they sold some of the stuff to thrift stores. then they took the shoes and stuff and sold them in africa for a knickel a pair. >> reporter: which is the bin he is referring to. it's the same for-profit donation bins that line castro valley boulevard. except this is in the city of alameda. right outside whitmore auto repair. so i called good will, an organization that accepts donations and gives you a receipt so you can claim the donation on your taxes. i also spoke to out of the closet to see if they get their clothe, books or shoes from out of the bins. i even talked to the salvation army. they all said
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they have no connection with these for-profit bins. this bin has been here in alameda with the blessing of lewis. he has made money in just three months! >> a little over $200. >> reporter: i got in contact with the owner of the bin. he first told me his profit margin was minimal. i asked which charities does he help. he would only say he gives clothes to the homeless and some were turned into rags. however when i mentioned who i was, he promised to call back but instead he sent me a text that he needed to talk to his lawyer. so what about the bin at whitmore auto repair? >> i have no reason to let it go. >> reporter: in alameda, stanley robert, kron4 news. a serious storm is moving into the bay area. the rain is approaching. and you're going to see a lot more of it the next couple of days! a second band of rain overshore is going to reenforce the first one and
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bring us some your heavy rain showers. tomorrow morning, the commute is going to be jam-packed with rain. the 6:00 hour, moderate to heavy rain is approaching the north bay. we're also seeing it along the san mateo coastline. widespread by the 8:00 hour. moderate to heavy downpours through most of the bay area, and also embedded thunderstorms. those thunderstorms will be close to the coastline. we could see rotation in the thunderstorms. again, mainly close to the coast offshore. that's where that 38 will be. the 9:00 hour, widespread rain continuing. 10:00, same thing. so we're dealing with about four hours of very heavy rainfall. by 11:00, this is pushing to the east and we'll see some residual showers in the wake of that main front. but several hours of this moderate to heavy rain. so accumulations are going to be pretty impressive. the afternoon, a few reseddual
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showers will remain -- residual showers will remain. by evening, we will see some clearer skies before the next round of rain rolls in. look at this wind warning map. wind advisories through much of the bay area. you can see in the santa clara valley, we'll not be affected by this wind warning, but pretty much everywhere else will be until 11:00 in the morning for most of the bay area, the east bay, the north bay, the peninsula. and the darker shading is a high wind warning. winds along the coastline could get up to 70 miles an hour! this will also be in effect until 11:00. most of the rain will have pushed through and the wind threat will go with is it. take a look at this. by 8:00 in the morning, the rain had just kicked off at 6:00 in the north bay. we're already seeing almost an inch of rain in santa rosa and san rafael.
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by 10:00, the rain has been going for about three hours. almost an inch of rain in almost every location. and we're only going to add to that. nearly 2-inch was rain in napa. we do have quite a bit of rain incoming with this system. extended forecast, tomorrow morning, wet weather, windy weather, lightning strike, a break into wednesday and also thursday morning. a storm looks like it's going to aim well to the north of us on thursday. friday another round ever rain moves nheavy rain. sunday, another rain of heavy rain in the morning with showers monday, tuesday, and wet weather through the extended forecast. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords made a rare appearance today to accept an award. she and her husband and navy captain mark kelly were given the legacy
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award, honoring those dedicated to improving the state of arizona. giffords accepted the award and said a few words today. she continues her rehabilitation from a bullet wound to the head. still ahead, the 49ers give one of their key defensive players a $45 million contract extension! plus, barry bonds is on the hall of fame ballot. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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49ers fans wait for the official quarterback announcement tomorrow. the word not very good on kendall hunter. kyle williams out for the year. yesterday, torn acl. kendall hunter's ankle injury, severe to the point that his season is over. so bad, bad news on the 49er front. you want some positive news though? navarro bowman reached an agreement. five years. violent world of the nfl, you want to know how much is guaranteed, pretty good. guaranteed $25.5 million. raiders better beat cleveland at home sunday. they've lost four in a row, giving up 169 points, more than the 49ers have allowed all season. 42 points per game. and you want to be
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nasty? they haven't even been competitive and lost to tampa bay, baltimore, new orleans! >> y woo don't accept the -- we don't accept the results of where we're at right now. and we've got to do something to change it. >> i've been talking about this all night. you can only say "get a life" 15 times, but an anonymous member of dennis allen's neighborhood has sent this thing out to the media. you can read it. i'm not in the mood to read it a third time. no offense. take a look at your wife, your kids, take out the garbage, do something except worrying about a poor football coach whose team is reeling. tomorrow, roger clemmen, sammy sosa, and barry bonds will be on the hall of fame ballot. the new members will be
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announced january 9th. the guys with a little bit of knowledge will tell you there's going to be grudges because of alleged steroid use for clemens, sosa, and bonds. for reaching the american league championship round, the oakland a's received playoff share was $34,000. and there's andrew bogut. he is not going to play in the near future. they have pull him off the active roster. but to finish the story, the oakland a's, $34,000, pam. each player received it. the giants wife forward rining everything -- wise received for winning everything. the a's voted to give their share to charity! >> that's so nice! >> now i know how to get to pam. [ laughter ] >> donate to charity? 92 this is to
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>> this is to the weather relief fund. [ laughter ] >> $2 is not going to help anybody. >> pam gives to everything. she's terrific. but the point is, it's not so much $34,000, it's that they even taught about it! isn't that nice? >> yes, it is ! >> that's what the giants need to do! >> you can't tell somebody else what to do with their money. >> they have enough! [ laughter ] hey, look! a shooting star!
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